Why you should choose us as your security provider?

  1. Deep Security Management have many years of security Experience
  2. Membership with Association of Certified Security Agency
  3. Memorandum signed with union of security employees
  4. Signed Employers’ Pledge of Fair Employment Practices
  5. Bizsafe Level 3
  6. 24h Control room
  7. CCTV Monitoring of Security officers at site by Control room.
  8. Control room equipped with Tracking roaster and deployment software
  9. Emergency Relief officers on standby daily at office to respond to any emergency
  10. High standard of recruitment procedures
  11. Provide orientation to staff and Operation executive before deployment.
  12. Provide onsite training for all officers.
  13. Have in house trainer for ongoing training
  14. Help set up security systems and SOP for site.
  15. Patrolling officer Visit the site at least twice a week.\

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Why you should start your career with us?

  • Weekly Advance Salary
  • Opportunity for Career Progression
  • Annual Leave
  • Medical Benefits
  • In house Training
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Full CPF Contribution
  • Performance Bonus*
  • Year End bonus*
  • Birthday celebration
  • In house Loan to employees*
  • Long service awards for deserving Employees
  • Retention programs in place



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